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Flying Ford Anglia Insert

Flying Ford Anglia Insert

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This is your turn to be a part of the magic!

Lets work together and make your dog a part of this composite. It is flexible composite so it can be completely tailored to you and your dog. Depending how you want it and whether your dog is comfortable with taking pictures, after the purchase I will contact you with further information and instructions. Lets connect!


  • This image is tailored and suitable for 1-3 subjects.
  • You will get two digital images. One suitable for printing (large size, high resolution) other for posting on social media or sharing with friends. 
  • Delivered via email in up to 10 days.


Note: You will have to provide the pictures.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with the result or cannot provide the pictures, full refund will be issued.

*Not suitable for commercial use*

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